Once you have been determined to be eligible to receive the COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit...

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Complete Screening Tool

Complete the Kroger Health online screening tool to ensure you meet the criteria to receive a home collection kit.

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Get Identification Code

Order your COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit ($159.00) on this site to receive your identification code and claim form for insurance reimbursement.

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Order Your Kit

Return to the Kroger Health site to complete a short registration and clinical review to confirm you meet test criteria.

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Get Tested

Review the included instructions to prepare for your Telehealth visit, during which you will collect your sample. Then, simply mail the kit back. You will receive results within 2 days.

Have questions? Email [email protected]

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Our COVID-19 Test Kits

Our nasal swab test kit is for symptomatic patients or those with potential exposure to COVID-19. The test is a diagnostic, molecular RT-PCR test with 100% sensitivity and specificity using Thermofisher Scientific platform. Our test kits are paired with virtual supervision from our licensed healthcare professionals. Kroger Health along with our lab, Gravity diagnostics, was approved for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA on June 30, 2020 for our kit or test.


  • Results reported to sponsoring organization (with individual HIPAA authorization)
  • Access to an employer/organizational portal to view results daily and aggregated reporting


  • Video observation can improve the quality and accuracy of the self-administered test
  • 100% sensitivity + 100% specificity
  • Usability data with 98% customer satisfaction


  • 2-way overnight shipping
  • Gravity receives samples 6 days/wk: processes 4:30am-11pm


  • Minimal identifying info required of Patient
  • Direct billing to organizations
  • May use an eligibility file or issue voucher codes to enable patient access

20 States currently offer testing through our At-Home Collection Kit and Telehealth program

35 States currently offer in-clinic and on-site* testing

2,000+ Pharmacy Locations
200+ Clinic Locations
*Within a 25 mile radius of a Pharmacy or Clinic